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Traitement de surface Corana et Plasma Danemark TANTEC

Traitement de surface pour améliorer la tension de surface de type Corona

We have more than 40 years of experience in delivering and manufacturing quality, high-end surface treatment products for any industry. Tantec continously develops new innovative solutions for a demanding market.

The Tantec Group is a privately held company founded in 1974, and is a leading manufacturer of standard and customized Plasma and Corona systems for surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties. Tantec surface treaters are sold worldwide to end-users and OEM’s through our own branch offices and more than 30 partners worldwide.

Tantec A/S is the headquarter located in Lunderskov, Denmark, in a purpose-build factory from 1989, housing sales, service, research and development of specialized mechanical and high quality electronic surface treatment equipment.

Tantec EST Inc. is covering sales and service to the North American customers since 1987, now from a new location in Glendale Heights IL, just outside Chicago.

Tantec GmbH in Wimsheim, and Tantec GmbH Nord in Hamburg, are sales and service offices as well as manufacturing facilities established in Germany in 1995 and 1998.